Mug Cake

Mug Cake

Mug Cake

A Cake in a Mug or Mug Cake is a variant of the cup cake that has gained popularity especially among the dorm room set. A Mug Cake is easy to make , a Mug Cake is quick to bake and most important a Mug Cake is delicious. The baking of a Mug Cake uses a mug as its cooking vessel and is cooked using a microwave oven. The recipe often takes fewer than five minutes to prepare.

Mug Cake

Ingredients to Gather

4 tablespoons flour
4 tablespoons sugar
Hint: You can use white sugar OR a mixture of white and brown sugar. Because of the molasses found in brown sugar, your mug cake will be moister and fudgier the more brown sugar you use.
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
2 tablespoons vegetable or olive oil
2 tablespoons water (or slightly more, as needed)
a pinch of salt
microwave oven and of course a mug
Possible additional add ins as desired: chocolate chips , peanut butter, Nutella , Biscoff , M&M's, pretzels and/or other creatives. Experiment.

Cooking Your Mug Cake

1. Mix all the dry ingredients for your mug cake (flour, cocoa powder, sugar and salt) in your mug.
2. Add the wet ingredients (water and oil) for your mug cake and stir until no powder is visible. You may need to add a bit more water depending on how good you are at measuring out ingredients.
3. Add in your desired additions to the mug cake and mix thoroughly.
4. Cook your mug cake on the high setting of your microwave for 1 minute. The cooking time can vary depending on your microwave, so cook for 1 minute and then try for 10 second intervals until your cake is at your desired consistency.
5. Enjoy in ecstasy.


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